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5th October 2020

Eurovision isn't something you would normally associate with Frank Thomas motorcycle suits, but then the film Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga isn't normal.

In case you haven't seen it, Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga is out now on Netflix. Its a comedy starring Hollywood stars Will Ferrell, Rachel McAdams and Dan Stevens. In the film, they chase their dreams at the Eurovision Song Contest but it doesn't all go to plan due to scheming rivals, onstage mishaps and other tensions.

Eurovision 2 Will Ferrell Frank Thomas

So here is the story of how Will Ferrell ended up in a Frank Thomas suit. In case you didn't know, we actually own the brand Frank Thomas (as well as BKS and Red Route). We were called up some time ago by the costume department to ask if we had any all-white leather suits in stock. We didn't. We only stock branded suits and most suits, as you probably know, come with other colours on them (that are easier to clean!)

Eurovision Will Ferrell Rachel McAdams

We sent them images of the closest items we had to a plain white suit and in the end suggested that we make a suit for them, to their specification. So we did.

Will Ferrell Frank Thomas Suit

Will Ferrell's suit is based on the Frank Thomas Qualifier 1 Piece Suit but in the colours that the wardrobe department eventually decided on. They even kept the Frank Thomas branding! Something a few eagle-eyed viewers have since contacted us about!

Will Ferrell Frank Thomas Suit Rachel McAdams

So that is the (rather shortened) version of the story of how J&S Accessories Ltd clothed a Hollywood star. We even had direct correspondence with Mr Ferrell himself to sort his measurements. Plus he also wore our gloves and boots! To be precise, the Frank Thomas 22-15 Sport Gloves in black and white and the Falco Tourance Boots.

Will Ferrell Frank Thomas Suit Rachel McAdams 2

It isn't just the Hollywood Glitterati and the hoi polloi who we make suits for. If you are after a particular colour suit or would like a suit with particular logos etc. then please contact us. You can come into any of our 30 stores and speak to the staff there or contact us at HQ.

Until next time, stay safe,