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Glove Sizes

23rd March 2016

Hello and happy Easter weekend!!! A whole FOUR-day weekend!! What will you do with these joyous FOUR days? As it's a long weekend it may mean that you can actually get some precious bike time in! (Hopefully)

With this in mind, on our new website we have created more detailed store pages which give you clear directions to our stores, photos, Google maps, what departments they have etc. but ALSO local ride out routes! Why not give one of them a try this Easter weekend and then you can end up at your favourite motorcycle clothing and accessories store? Bonus! Find your nearest store here: J&S Accessories Ltd Stores.

Here at J&S Accessories Ltd we are open for most of the weekend but have Easter Sunday off. Here are the opening times:

Easter 2016 OPening Times

I would just quickly talk about the MotoGP and Jorge Lorenzo's winning start in Qatar. The reigning champion got off to a great start! His new Shark was looking good too – when these come out we will be getting stock so please keep checking with us online or in store as we will be getting these in as soon as they land! In the mean time you can buy a Lorenzo replica here. Or if your MotoGP loyalty lies elsewhere then we have Marquez, Rossi, Smith, Crutchlow, Redding and Pedrosa Replica Helmets all in stock! That's not to mention the clothing we sell and if the MotoGP is not where your heart lies we sell lots of other race replica motorcycle kit from Walker to Toseland.

Now on to the Blog in hand!

Speaking of hands…. My Blog this week is on motorcycle gloves! Or more precisely the sizing of gloves. We often get people coming in to store or calling us up who have no idea at all about what size they need in gloves. For trousers and boots etc you already have a pretty good idea about what size you need from buying jeans and shoes etc. But gloves seem to be a mystery to the average lay person….until now! I shall demystify the curious world of glove sizing!

How to measure your hand for motocycle glovesFirstly, some gloves are sized with numbers and some with letters (ie XL) the XL is easy enough to realise is an Extra Large but how do you know if this will fit you? And what do the numbers correlate to? All you need to do is measure across your palm in centimetres to come up with your glove size. It's as simple as that! Just hold your hand with the palm facing up and measure, in centimetres, from the side where your thumb starts (but don't include your thumb) across to the side of your little finger, in a straight line across (not around) your palm. It's as simple as that. I have attached a table for you to see which number translates to which size so you will find it easier to navigate from brand to brand (some show numbers, some sizes) and a handy illustration to show you which part of your palm to measure.

Glove size chart


This should make your time looking at gloves easier – but on our website we have translated all the sizing to make it easier to understand – and now you should be equipped to get your sizing right the first time! This guide works for leather, textile, short or long so should help you out for all your glove purchases in the future.

Until next time, have a great long weekend,