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Swap Gear 2017 Entries

22nd March 2017

Frank Thomas Swap Gear Competition

Hello and welcome to Alex's Blog. I wanted to take the opportunity this week to remind you that the Frank Thomas Swap Gear Competition closes on March 31st.

Old Frank Thomas bootsAre you or anyone you know wearing desperately old Frank Thomas kit? If you are we want to hear from you! The whole concept of the Frank Thomas Swap Gear Competition is pretty self-explanatory, well the name is in the title, we will swap your OLD Frank Thomas gear for brand NEW Frank Thomas gear if you're one of the lucky winners. It is as simple as that.  Who doesn't want brand spanking new shiny motorcycle gear? (Noone thats who!) This is a treat for all you loyal Frank Thomas wearers out there who have been brandishing the brand for some years now. We wanted to give you something back.

Frank Thomas vintage JacketAll you have to do is send us a photo of yourself in your old Frank Thomas kit and why you think you should win new Frank Thomas kit and you could be one of SIX (yes SIX) winners who will win some brand new Frank Thomas kit. Thats ALL you have to do. If its not you who is wearing old kit then you can also nominate someone. It can be whoever you want - if you're sick of seeing your mum or dad in their old kit then come forward! IF you're sick to the back teeth of seeing your friend, year in, year out, wearing the same old kit then nominate them!

Old Frank Thomas textile jacket 2You can either send us an e-mail to enquiries@jsaccessories.co.uk with your nomination and photo OR you can upload a picture, or message us on our official J&S Accessories Ltd Facebook page or you can even Tweet us your entry (or DM us) on our official J&S Accessories Ltd Twitter account @js_accessories.

Frank Thomas textile jacket 11 years oldWe are giving away six pieces of kit to six different winners - so spread the word, nominate away and lets get some well-deserved new Frank Thomas kit sent out! (we're basically the Robin Hood of the motorcycle world)

Remember the closing date is March 31st so you have 9 days left. If you need inspiration then here are some of the entries so far:

David Latham-Heath

David Latham-Heath has been nominated MORE than once for putting his family before himself and wearing old kit rather than buying new. The wear on his suit isn't as visible in this shot but its plain to see this has had a lot of use.

Emily Rose Sharp

Emily Rose Sharp rocking not only multi-colour hair but a rather old Frank Thomas jacket. She would like an update. (we do have a lovely purple FTL322 Elegance Jacket that would match your hair beautifully Emily)

Linton Smith

This is Linton Smith aka "Compo" nominated by his loving wife Julie Swift. She says all his kit is second hand so she would love for him to have some brand new kit so she can do something nice for him for a change.

These are but a few of the many entries we have had but we want MORE! The more varied the better. We are absolutely loving getting all these entries in to the office to see who can remember when the kit first came out! What have you got to lose? You could get some brand new kit for the effort of a quick photo and an e-mail. Easy!

Until next time, stay safe!