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Top Winter buys - 2020

1st October 2020

Alpinestars Andes Textile Motorcycle Trousers

Winter will be with us in the blink of an eye. There is already a chill in the air so really this guide should be Autumn/Winter 2020/2021. So what are the top ten buys we recommend for colder weather?

1. Richa Nekx Polar Fleece

We couldn't have a top ten products for 2020 and NOT have a face covering on top of the list. Despite the Richa Nekx Polar Fleece Neck Tube being highly topical, this isn't the reason it tops the list. At only £4.99 this is an absolute bargain. Available in a choice of colours, this is thick and cosy to keep the wind out AND doubles as a face-mask when out and about. Extra thick at the top and the bottom, the Richa Nekx Neck Tube is worth a buy. Or two. Or three at this price!

2. Oxford HotGrips

An absolute essential for all Winter riders, the Oxford HotGrips also happens to be a bestseller! If you haven't tried them yet then you really do not know what you're missing. Once you've tried them you're a convert. Fact. Warm hands on a cold Winter's day with the adjustable temperature at the flick of a switch is a true luxury! They are very easy to fit and come in a range of options for every type of bike. Buy them.

3. ACF 50

ACF-50 or Anti-Corrosion Formula-50 penetrates through corrosion deposits listing it away from the metal surface. Use once every 12 months to keep your bike rust-free and protect it from the elements to keep your motorcycle good-as-new for that fun Summer riding! State-of-the-art and an incredibly useful product for all seasons, but especially Winter!

4. Keis Heated Waistcoat

Another game-changer for Winter riding is heated clothing. Keis heated clothing is the market leader and by far our best selling brand of heated clothing. The V501 Premium Heated Vest, in particular, sells like hotcakes (excuse the pun) Highly versatile, you can attach it to your battery or you can purchase an optional battery pack and you aren't just limited to wearing it on your motorcycle! Gives an even level of heat across your chest, back and kidneys and protects you from windchill.

5. Frank Thomas Hot Socks

Heat for your feet! The Frank Thomas Hot Socks are aptly named due to the advanced insulating construction with a specially formulated yarn that provides highly efficient insulation against the cold. Excellent moisture-wicking and a tall threaded pile construction with advanced yarn technology and a long loop thread make these extra comfy as well as retaining heat for longer and making the thermal tog rating higher. These are extremely comfortable inside with a soft brushed interior that intensifies the warm air retained in the sock for extremely comfortable and warm wear.

6. IXS Arctic Blaze Gloves

The IXS Arctic Blaze Gore-Tex Motorcycle Gloves have £20 off and half the staff of J&S own a pair because they are such a great glove for Winter. 100% waterproof with goatskin and textile outer for excellent wind resistance, the Arctic Blaze also have an ultra-comfortable tri-fleece lining to keep your hands nice and warm with a longer gauntlet styling to keep the elements out. A great glove!

7. Oxford Battery Oximiser 900

One for your bike. The Oxford Oximiser 900 can be left permanently connected to your motorcycle to provide guaranteed long-term battery care. Ideal for months when not in use. Suitable for all battery types, and is extremely easy to use. If your motorbike doesn't leave the garage for Winter then this is worth a purchase to make sure it starts again in the Spring!

8. Oxford Aquatex

Another great buy for Winter is a motorcycle cover. Whether your motorcycle is being stored inside or out, a cover is still a good idea in even the most luxurious of garages! Our bestselling cover is the Oxford Aquatex, which is available in a choice of sizes, colours and variations, but we sell a large range of other covers from dust covers for inside use and ultra-durable outside covers. Protect your bike from the elements, or its components from unwelcome moisture and dust when not in use.

9. Alpinestars Andes

Ideal for all seasons, the Alpinestars Andes jacket (with matching trousers also available) is 100% waterproof thanks to the Alpinestars Drystar membrane. The versatile design provides ventilation in warmer weather but warmth in Winter thanks to a removable long-sleeve thermal liner. There will be no water-ingress thanks to the stormproof zip cover and adjustability at the cuffs and collar. The £20 saving is pretty good too!

10. Oxford Super Muffs

No, this isn't the world's most inappropriately named super-hero, these are ultra-warm hand protectors for your motorcycle. Warm, waterproof and windproof, these are a thrifty and quick alternative to fitting heated grips and also protect you from the wind! Combined they are the height of luxury! The universal design means they fit to most motorcycles with ease and can be removed as easily as they were installed. A truly useful Winter purchase for any biker.

All these products are available in our 30 stores nationwide and online.

Until next time, stay safe,