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Which Cover?

9th September 2020

Covers are a great way to protect your motorcycle from the elements but with so many to choose from which should you buy?

There is a huge range of motorcycle covers available, in lots of different brands as well as sizes and thicknesses - but which one is best for you?


Location doesn't refer to where you are geographically located, although this could affect your decision too, but to indoor and outdoor. This is a massive factor in your cover purchase. Let's explore.


If your bike is indoors why would you need a cover? I hear you cry. If your bike is in a nice warm place away from risk then you're sorted. This applies to people who keep their bikes in their lounge with them and who don't have pets, kids or visitors. Everyone else can carry on reading. Covers protect your motorcycle from dust but are also breathable to prevent any condensation in changing heats and frost. The Bike it Indoor Dust Cover has tie-down grommets and under bike securing elastic - ideal for moving your motorcycle too. Your paintwork is also protected from any absent-minded brushing past your bike in the garage. Ideal.


If you are storing your motorbike outside then you will need an outdoor-specific cover. Obviously, as we are in the UK, this will need to be waterproof. There are many different options but if you still have some form of protection or cover from the elements, such as being next to your house, a wall etc. then you can get away with just a waterproof cover. This will help your budget too. The Oxford Aquatex is, by far, our best-selling waterproof cover. Available in a choice of sizes and colours, this is made from double-stitched nylon and is heat-resistant up to 150 degrees - a real plus point.

For a less sheltered motorcycle, you will need a fully windproof and waterproof cover to protect your bike from the elements. These are more pricey but you get full protection. The Oxford Protex covers are, again, available in different sizes and colours, and are our bestselling model of outdoor cover. The stretch construction means they are, obviously easier to get over your motorcycle, but the stretch lycra in the seams etc. means they can fully withstand all weathers - even storms! With the Protex, you also get ventilation to reduce condensation, adjustable belly strap, lock pouches at the front and rear and clear panel for the Oxford Solariser battery charger. Reflective detailing also gives added visibility.


Most motorcycle covers come with reflective detailing for added visibility but for motorcycles in areas that need high-visibility, there is the Fluorescent Oxford Aquatex. Reflective at night and extremely eye-catching during the day - protective and visible.


You may want to detract attention from your motorcycle and what better than these camo covers from Oxford to keep your bike camouflaged? We also have a range of covers available in different colours such as Blue, Red, Silver etc. The choice is yours!


If you just need a cover to keep your bike dry for shorter periods (not for months at a time) then a cheaper waterproof cover will do the job. The Bike It Economy Rain cover is available in a few sizes and is a good short term cover. For longevity, you're going to have to invest in a more durable cover such as the Protex above.


As you have probably seen already, there is a big difference in prices. You can spend £109.99 or £18.99. The more expensive covers have more features such as pockets for locks, chargers etc as well as ventilation etc. At the lower end of the scale, you are getting a waterproof cover for around £20. In the middle, you're getting a very decent cover with some of the features of the very expensive ones that will still protect from the elements. The Bike It Premium Motorcycle Cover is around the £50 mark (size dependant on price) and is fully waterproof with reinforced holes at the base for locks and the backing prevents damage to your bodywork. A great cover for a not-so-high price.


Obviously, I cannot tell you which bike cover will fit your motorcycle BUT our staff can! We have 30 stores nationwide, open 7 days a week. You can call us or contact us and we will be able to help you. In the meantime I can give you a rough sizing guide:

Medium Up to 750cc
Large 750cc – 100cc
Extra Large 1000cc upwards

Each cover will give measurements and if you aren't sure then please feel free to contact us to help.


If your bike has top boxes, and you don't want to remove them then you will need to buy a cover with room for a top box. You could buy a cover that is a bigger size for your motorcycle to accommodate a cover but these don't tend to fit well and you do end up with a ripped cover a lot of the time. The prices start from £21.95 for a top box cover so it won't break the bank.

The same goes for scooters/motorcycles with high screens/top boxes. Your life will be made easier by actually buying the correct size cover, which will actually cover your bike/scooter properly.

Handy tips

Hopefully, this blog has helped give you some idea of the difference in motorcycle covers and which you may want to go for, but a word of advice, be careful when pulling them off your motorcycle. This applies more to the cheaper covers, but they can rip if you're not careful. Another very important rule for covers is to let the exhaust cool down before putting the cover on. Cheaper covers can melt on the exhaust, but even if they don't melt you can minimise condensation by just waiting for a little longer.


Until next time, stay safe